Rural Insurance

Covering Kiwis living and working in the farming and agribusiness sector.

You’ve got some pretty unique challenges to deal with.

Whether it’s unpredictable weather, accidents, livestock health, equipment failure or land damage, no one else has quite the lifestyle that you do. But no matter what happens on the farm, there’s one vital piece of the puzzle that needs to be protected more than anything else - you.

Bullsh*t stays on the farm, and out of your financial advice.

While we can’t help you put up a fence or control the weather (as much as we’d like to), we can give you peace of mind by finding the best insurance cover for your life, income, mortgage and health. We understand you have very specific cover needs compared to other Kiwis, which is why we cover you with products with features like ‘peak season increase’ and ‘no ACC offsets’. And most importantly, we don’t ‘bloat’ our solutions or advice with things you don’t need - just straight-up functional, quality cover.


We’ve got your back.

ClickCover are big advocates for our rural community, working alongside farmers, growers and insurers to help develop products that meet your needs.

We build and maintain great working relationships with our rural clients, reviewing your cover regularly to ensure you’re correctly protected. We also support you through the claims process, as your advocate.

Rural-specific cover


Policies reviewed and adjusted


Ongoing, expert advice


Jamie and ClickCover know farming.

Jamie Toon and ClickCover have farming in our DNA. Based in Waikato, New Zealand, we’ve built up a reputation in the farming industry as trusted, knowledgeable financial advisers who are just as happy in gumboots catching up with clients on the farm as we are negotiating the best insurance cover.

Jamie and the team have built an understanding of the rural Kiwi’s financial needs over a decade working alongside them. We discovered that a whole bunch of farmers and growers had policies that didn’t account for things like seasonality. So we’ve worked hard to uncover the products that actually fit for our rural clients’ needs. This makes claims a breeze and reduces the chance that you’ll be left exposed financially.
What are you trying to accomplish with your insurance cover? Have a chat to Jamie or one of the ClickCover Team:


Hear from our farming clients

"I have found Jamie and his team to be amazing they made my claim easy and straight forward."Ashton
Farmer, Waikato
"I am truly grateful to Jamie and consider myself extraordinarily fortunate to have received the benefit of his astute advice and assistance."Jack
Farmer, Morrinsville

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We’re just a call away. In saying that, some clients prefer to kick off the cover process using our Online Advice tool. Simply provide some details to help our team to start building cover solutions before we chat to you.

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Examples of rural insurance you may need.

While farmers may think the priority is covering land, livestock and equipment (and that is important), the most valuable asset on the farm is you. Some examples of individual cover our rural clients use include:

  • Life - supporting your family/beneficiaries financially when you’re no longer around to.
  • Trauma and Critical Illness - cover for when you are hit by an accident or illness such as cancer or a heart attack.
  • Total/Permanent Disability - insurance for when your ability to do your job is majorly affected indefinitely, such as from a farming accident.
  • Income Protection - make sure the finances keep moving when your income takes a hit due to illness or accident.
  • Key Person Cover - your farm may have certain personnel that are critical to the operation. Cover them like you would yourself, and avoid getting caught short.
  • Health Insurance - choice of and access to the best medical treatment, fast - so you get back where you need to be.

When the sh*t hits the fan, you really need insurance to work the first time. Let’s have a chat.

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