Insurance that works for you.

Do you really want to be spending hours finding cover? Probably not. You’re busy - we know. But cutting corners on this stuff can be pretty disastrous down the track; imagine getting your claim denied, only to find out that another product would have covered you! ClickCover are straight-up, no-BS insurance advisers. We offer unbiased expert financial advice to New Zealanders who care about covering their future - without the jargon.


You and your loved ones - that’s why we do this.

Let’s not beat around the bush here - insurance is a complicated subject. Some might even say boring (!).

Because of this, many Kiwis make their insurance decisions based on factors that have nothing to do with the quality of the cover.

New Zealand’s available Insurance products (of which there are over 25,000) vary so greatly in areas like product features, financial strength, and claims performance that it’s easy for someone to purchase the wrong cover and leave them and their family exposed.

Quit waking up at night wondering ‘what if?’

Ever gone through a scenario in your head at 2am like ‘how would my family survive if something happened to me?’ - you’re not alone. We don’t want you sweating this stuff.

ClickCover is a team of expert advisers who get to know you properly before seeking out and building an insurance solution from the best products in the market that suit your needs. Oh, did we mention our advice is 100% free?

So get some sleep, live your life and run your business - safe in the knowledge you’ve got the best insurance possible.


Hear from some happily-covered Kiwis.

“Jamie Toon was our Insurance Broker when I discovered that I had breast cancer and needed treatment and surgery urgently. Hearing my diagnosis, Jamie was here at our home to see me and assist with a health insurance claim in less than 24 hours, ensuring everything went smoothly. It took away a great deal of stress having him deal with my health insurance.

Jamie has exceeded our expectations in every way and is ethical, completely pleasant and honest to deal with.”Dawn Potts
"I've found Jamie and his team to be amazing. They made my claim easy and straightforward. Jamie handled all the paperwork and got every dollar possible from the Insurer.

His advice and service from the moment I first met him years ago, through till claim time is second to none. I would recommend him to anyone, and he is now my extended family's trusted advisor."Ashton Bernhard
Dairy Farmer
“Jamie has an extremely comprehensive knowledge of insurance, but also the inherent ability to apply this knowledge in a manner beneficial to his client.

He is the consummate professional who epitomises ‘good old-fashioned’ values combined with the ability to explain the complexities of insurance to be understood by a layperson.”J. F. Pickett

Let’s make this easy, shall we?

ClickCover combines an experienced financial team with the smarts of technology to make getting cover a faster, hassle-free experience. Once we have understood what you need, we’ll go away and do all the heavy lifting. We’re all about choices: You can use our secure Online Advice tool to provide some details that help us get the ball rolling straight away or start your cover process by getting in touch with our team for an appointment.

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Why use ClickCover for your insurance?


Advice you can rely on. We build long-lasting, trusting relationships with our clients.


Regular Reviews

Life changes over time - so should your cover. We review and adjust your cover regularly.


No Fees

Enjoy friendly, expert advice that’s free, from first contact to claim time.


Claims Support

We’ll advocate for you through the claim process, and get you every possible benefit. We’re on your side.



Have your cover sorted from the comfort of your computer or mobile phone with our Online Advice tool.


Get the right cover

With over 25,000 insurance products in the market, we make sure you use only the best cover available.


How Online Advice works.

Keen to get underway on your own? Our Online Advice tool is an online form where you provide some information about you and your cover needs. Data is kept secure and only used to help our team build the best cover options before our first chat.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Click

Click to complete the easy Online Advice tool.


2. Call

One of our Experienced Advisers will call you to chat about options.


3. Covered

Relax, we’ll take care of the rest and get you covered.


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