Disclosure Document

Trading Name: Click Cover Ltd
FSP Number: 573747
Address: 201a Airport Road, Hamilton 3282
Telephone Number: 0800 254 252
Email: team@clickcover.co.nz
Website: www.clickcover.co.nz

It is Important that you read this document

This information will help you choose a Financial Adviser that best suits your needs. It will also provide some useful information about the Financial Adviser that you choose.

This disclosure document was prepared on the 1st of March 2021 under regulation 229C of the Financial Markets Conduct (Regulated Financial Advice Disclosure) Amendments Regulations 2020.

Licensing Status and Conditions
Click Cover Ltd holds a licence issued by the Financial Markets Authority to provide financial advice.

Nature and Scope of Advice

Click Cover Ltd specialises in providing advice to our clients relating to Life and Health insurance products.

We provide the following products:

● Life Insurance
● Critical Illness/Trauma Insurance
● Medical/Health Insurance
● Total & Permanent Disability Insurance
● Income Protection Insurance
● Mortgage Protection Insurance
● Cancer Care Insurance
● Key Person Insurance
● Business Continuity Insurance
● Waiver of Premium Insurance

Product providers we may recommend are:

● Asteron Life
● Cigna
● Partners Life
● Cover-More Travel Insurance

We conduct independent research provided by Quality Product Research Limited. This research classifies and ranks products by provider, highlighting product differences and ratings, and allows us to ensure the product mix we recommend is fit for purpose.

We choose to be specialists in Risk Insurance and therefore do not provide advice for investments, Kiwisaver, mortgages or fire and general insurance. We offer Travel Insurance through Cover-More Travel Insurance; however, we do not offer any advice in relation to this product.

Conflicts of Interest

To ensure that our Financial Advisers prioritise our clients’ interests above their own, we follow an advice process that ensures our recommendations are made based on each client’s goals and circumstances.
In providing advice to you, should any actual or potential conflict of interest arise, then we undertake to bring any such conflict of interest to your notice so that you may assess our advice objectively. We undertake a compliance audit, and a review of our compliance programme is undertaken annually by a reputable compliance adviser.

Any actual conflicts of interest:

Our Click Cover Ltd advisers have no relevant information to report. We have not been bankrupt or insolvent, have any convictions or been publicly disciplined.

Remuneration and Fees

Click Cover Ltd does not charge fees, expenses or any other amount for the financial advice provided to its clients. We do not charge a fee for clients to implement an insurance plan, for reviews or for claims management.

However, we may charge a fee if you are not currently a Click Cover Ltd client, and we are helping you with a claim for a policy that we did not implement. We will discuss with you the nature and total amount of any fees that you will be charged and how they must be paid prior to you going ahead with this service. Our standard fees are $250 + GST per hour.

Click Cover Ltd may be paid by the product provider in the form of commission, this is paid when an insurance contract goes in force. Commissions may be paid as a percentage of the initial insurance premium and/or as an ongoing commission. Click Cover Ltd may also receive ongoing commission for the life of the product(s) placed.

You will not be billed or asked to pay any fees to Click Cover Ltd at any time, even if the engagement of services is terminated by either party.

Complaints Handling and Dispute Resolution

If you have a problem, concern, or complaint about any part of our service, please tell us via our internal complaints scheme so we can fix the problem. You may contact us at Internal Complaints on 0800 Click Cover or team@clickcover.co.nz

If we cannot agree on how to fix the issue, or you decide not to use the internal complaints scheme, you can contact the Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman. This service is free of charge and will help us resolve any disagreements. You can contact the Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman at:

Physical Address: Level 8, Shamrock House, 78-81 Molesworth Street, Wellington 6011
Postal Address: PO Box 10-845, Wellington 6143
Freephone: 0800 888 202
Email Address: info@isfo.org.nz

Our Duty to our Clients

Click Cover Ltd and anyone who gives financial advice on our behalf, have duties under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 relating to the way that we give advice.

We are required to:

● Give priority to your interests by taking all reasonable steps to make sure our advice isn’t materially influenced by our own interests
● Exercise care, diligence, and skill in providing you with advice
● Meet standards of competence, knowledge and skill set by the Code of Professional Conduct for Financial Advice Services (these are designed to make sure that we have the expertise needed to provide you with advice)
● Meet standards of ethical behaviour, conduct and client care set by the Code of Professional Conduct for Financial Advice Services (these are designed to make sure we treat you as we should and give you suitable advice).

This is only a summary of the duties that we have. More information is available by contacting us, or by visiting the Financial Markets Authority website at www.fma.govt.nz

The Code of Conduct standards can be read here: www.fma.govt.nz/assets/assets/code-of-professional-conduct-for-financial-advice-services.pdf.