Complete Cover

For ultimate peace of mind.

Our Complete Cover insurance package offers maximum protection

Complete Cover is a comprehensive analysis of your personal insurance needs, providing certainty that you're spending smart premium in the areas where you need it most. With Complete Cover, you will find peace of mind knowing you are covered for Life, Critical Illness, Medical and Income Protection. Whether you are new to the insurance world or if your job or hobby is a little bit daring and you require maximum protection, then consider the Complete Cover plan which offers the highest level of cover and benefits. Click on the "Start Online Advice" button to complete our quick and easy form or contact one of our Registered Financial Advisers if you'd like to know more.


What insurances does the Complete Cover package include?

Our Complete Cover package includes advice on Life, Critical Illness, Medical and Income Protection Cover.

When should I use the Complete Cover "Form"?

By using the Complete Cover "Form" you can get quality advice on all types of personal insurance offered. This means you can make sure you have exactly the right type and amount of cover to protect you and/or your family (and none of the cover you don't need).

It's our Rolls Royce offering. It gives your adviser a total overview of what's going on in your life, so you can get the best advice possible.