Thinking of hiring a car these holidays?

Thinking of hiring a car these holidays?

Ready to drive off on your next adventure?

If you're intending on hiring a car, then remember the importance of purchasing a Travel Insurance Policy with Car Rental Insurance included, and, ensure you understand exactly what your policy does and doesn't cover. Not understanding your policy properly, could mean the difference between having a claim accepted or declined.

At ClickCover, we offer three types of Travel Insurance Policies; the Essentials Policy, Options Policy and Business Policy. Our Essentials Policy is the most basic and does not include Rental Car Cover. The Options Policy provides cover for Rental Car Insurance Excess up to $10,000 and the Business Policy provides up to $4,000 - this can be increased at an additional premium (Business Policies only).

What is the policy definition of a "rental car"?

Our policy definition of a "rental car" means a sedan, campervan, motorhome or people mover that each does not exceed 6 tonnes, or, a hatchback or station-wagon (including 4WDs), that is rented from a licensed motor vehicle rental company. Motorcycle and moped riding is not automatically included in any policy but can be added. If injury occurs from riding a motorbike or scooter (even if you are a passenger), this is not covered - unless the moped is 200cc's or less and helmets are worn. It's important to note that motorbike and scooter rental is not covered in the event of damage or loss.

A case study

A couple who planned a short weekend trip to Australia to attend a wedding were initially hesitant to take comprehensive travel insurance for such a short trip. What could go wrong? On the morning of their second day in Brisbane, while driving on the motorway, a truck changed lanes without seeing them in his blind spot. The back wheel of the truck clipped the car, spinning it out of control. The car flipped and the wife was badly injured. On arrival at hospital, her x-rays confirmed a broken leg and a punctured lung. She spent eight days in hospital, but was not fit to fly for at least four weeks until her lung had healed. Their 3-day trip turned into a 4-week stay in Australia, with costly additional expenses.

So, what was covered?

  • Rental car excess
  • Medical expenses (some were not covered by RHA)
  • Ambulance fees (AUD $1,450) and medication.
  • Hospital incidentals
  • Additional expenses: Not fit to fly for 4 weeks due to punctured lung resulting in additional accommodation, car hire & flight date changes.
  • Damaged baggage in accident: spectacles, sunglasses & mobile phone (less depreciation, item limits apply).

Bringing the total claim to $11,623.86.

All conditions of a policy must be met to make a successful claim. For full details it pays (literally) to check your policy wording. Head off on your next adventure knowing you're covered for any event.

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